Week in Review


Happy December, everyone! If I was at all depressed about heading back to school after Thanksgiving break, it didn’t last for long. Bright lights and wreaths are turning up everywhere, which means its officially the holiday season. This year, I’m hoping to take some time away from schoolwork to indulge in some of my favorite traditions. Things are kicking off this weekend, as my family will hopefully be picking out our Christmas tree! I can’t wait to see what we bring home.

I’m a longtime Grey’s Anatomy fan, so Into the Gloss’ interview with Ellen Pompeo gave me a serious case of the fan-girls!

Currently wishing I could ring in 2016 at Free People’s wellness retreat.

This outfit is perfection.

Here’s a question for you: Can women be inspiring and naked at the same time?

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means “best of” lists abound. My favorite so far? Fashionista’s round-up of 2015’s best magazine covers.

Why do Americans dress so casually? A scholar offers some insight.


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