Fall Break To-Do List

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.28.45 AM

After what feels like an endless stretch of school, school, and more school, my fall break is finally right around the corner. And although I’m not completely free of academic duties (looking at you, history paper), I plan to spend the new week indulging in all my favorite actives. I’ve even got a to-do list (see above) that I can’t wait to start checking off. Find out more below.

try new recipes

With homework eating up so much of my time, I’ve had to put my long list of recipes to try on the back burner (that’s a kitchen pun, get it?). Over my break, I plan to dedicate plenty of time to whipping up some savory goodies. I’m especially excited about this veggie dish and this granola.

museum hop

One of the things I am most excited to do over break is get a little culture fix. I’ve heard amazing things about the Frank Stella exhibit at the Whitney- I can’t wait to see it in person. Not only that, but the MET Costume Institute’s latest installation, dedicated to the incomparable Jacqueline de Ribes, debuts today! You’ll definitely catch me there before too long.

read, read, read

Even though I read every night, I’m painfully behind on my magazines. I just got through the October issues, and have a pile of Novembers waiting for me. I’m hoping to finish all of them over the break- gotta keep the mind active (and inspired), right?

practice yoga every day

Over the past couple weeks, my yoga practice has taken a serious hit. I plan to get back into gear and hit the mat every day of my break. Yoga is essential to helping me feel great inside and out, something I know I’ll appreciate once the hectic, indulgent holiday season is upon us!

How are you spending your vacation?


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