Small Changes = Big Impact

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of small changes. I got started on this topic a couple weeks ago, in the middle of a tennis lesson. I was struggling with a particular shot until my instructor recommended I try angling my shoulder differently. And just like that, with the slightest adjestment, my playing greatly improved.

The power of small changes is not limited to sports, however. Ever since that moment on the courts, I’ve been noticing how the right little shifts can have a positive effect on pretty much everything. I’ll give you a trivial example: Over the past several weeks my make was really annoying me. Everythign went on fine in the morning, but by lunchtime my foundation (I use a powder) was cake-y and coming off with the slightest touch. Desperate to remedy the situation, I eliminated one step from my routine. Instead of dusting my foundation with a lighter second layer of “finishing powder,” I left things the way they were. Guess what? Makeup issues solved. Not only does my foundation now stay put for hours, but my are a couple minutes less busy.

Like I said, the above is a superficial example of a meaningful concept. I recently listened to an interview with the wonderful Simi Botic in which she mentioned how the idea that “small shifts lead to big changes” inspired the message behind her blog, The Micro Harvest. In Simi’s case, this idea mostly applies to wellness, and how making small adjustments to what/how we eat, move and think can have a profound effect on our personal prosperity. Anyone who ever made a tweek to their fitness routine, or cleaned out their social media “following” list can tell you how essentail those adjustments were to increasingly their overall happiness- both inside and out.

On the numerical side of things, small changes are also considered the secret to finincial stability. I cannot tell you how many times the “Work” section of Glamour has implored me to cut back on pricey take-out dinners and start putting a percentage of my paycheck into savings every month. This would (and sometimes does) get annoying, if only these nuggests of wisdom weren’t so darn valuable. The magazine backs up every encouragement with the kind of statistics anyone could get behind. Case in point? The September issues shared that investing only $200 per month with 6% return could earn you up to $90,000 in 20 years. At the risk of sounding crass, let’s just say that amount of money is a big deal to anyone, regardless of their economic standpoint.

By the time you reach this paragraph, I hope you’re feeling a little excited about the power of small changes. The examples provided here are a mere overview; for every one of them, there are a million more instances in which slight adjestments produced notable- not to mention positive- outcomes. So next time you’re stuck in an unideal situation, like I was with my makeup scenario, consider how a tiny shift might turn things around. Who knows? It might be the best decision you every made.

P.S. In need of a little small change inspo? Check out this article from Carly Morgan Gross, which shares some minor adjustments that improve your smoothies for optimal digestion.


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