My Five Essential Rituals


As I’ve probably mentioned before, I am a total routine junkie. One of my not-so-guilty pleasures is learning about an inspiring individual’s morning or nightly habits, as well as the daily practices that keep them sane. I believe that these little “steps”- the sunrise meditation, the mid-afternoon cookie break, the fifteen-minute solo dance party to break up the workday- say an incredible amount about the person who embodies them. I know this first hand, as my personal routines are an essential part of what makes me, me. Today, I’m sharing five of my most inherent rituals that help keep me (somewhat) grounded day in, and day out.

Start on Hydrated Note
For years, I was the worst about drinking water. Not that I didn’t like it, I just genuinely forgot to, you know, hydrate my body. But I’m proud to say that, over the past couple years, my drinking habits have greatly improved. Now, I can’t imagine my day without enjoying a fresh glass of lemon water while I make breakfast. Not only does lemon water offer a ton of health benefits, but I find that it helps to wake up my insides before I start shelving food in. Plus, starting my day with h-two-oh helps me remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

…And an Early One
I’ll be the first to admit that I wake up pretty early, even on weekends. (The latest I’m able to sleep in is nine…and even that is pretty rare.) While waking up with the sun is nonnegotiable on school mornings, it’s also essential to my maintaining a positive mindset heading into the day. Waking early gives me a few moments of solitude and peace before diving into the craziness of the day. If I do oversleep, and am forced to start the day harried and stressed, these feelings carry over into the rest of my day. For this reason, mornings are one of my favorite and most important times of the day.

Closet Time
Another key to keeping my mornings as calm as possible? Choosing my outfit the night before. Every evening I take a break from homework to open my closet and see what strikes me. In the past, this was actually a pretty stressful process. Lately, however, I’ve grown more confident in my taste. Now assembling my outfits is a more creative, enjoyable process. It allows me to put the flashcards aside and embrace something I truly love, something I believe is key to a fulfilling day. Plus, who doesn’t like to shut the textbooks and play with clothes instead?!

Sweet Tooth, Satisfied
I indulge in some sort of dessert every night. Yeah, that’s right, every single day. And while the specifics vary, whatever it is normally has dark chocolate involved. While I’ll always be loyal to my favorite chocolate nuggets, lately I’m loving Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. With a rich chocolate shell and smooth, melty PB inside, they are just the thing to fill the Reese’s-sized hole in my heart.

Read A Little
If I’m starting my day early, I’m probably ending it late. Between homework, after school activities, and blogging, I’m up way later than I’d like to be. In order to wind down for a good night’s rest, I spend my last forty-five waking minutes reading. I’ll catch up on magazines, as well as whatever book I’m reading. Although at first it was hard to get into the practice of reading after several hours of work, now I cannot imagine my night without doing it.

So there you have it. Five rituals that serve as the fulcrum point of my day. And while this is in now way a comprehensive description of my many routines, this gives you a good idea of the steps I go through in order to have the best day possible. While establishing these rituals can take work, it’s 100% worth it in the end.

Tell me: what are your can’t-live-without rituals?


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