Paris Fashion Week: The Recap

First off, my apologies for the delay in writing this post, not to mention the overall lack thereof. A lethal combination of extra late nights and early mornings left me with barely enough time to think, let alone get a blog post together. And because I try to make sure what I publish on here is the best quality I can muster, I decided it was best to wait until I could give PFW it’s due.

And, mon Dieu, does it deserve it. Paris, the last stop on the fashion month circuit, is never fails to be the highlight. Because while New York, London, and Milan might show some phenomenal collections of their own, the City of Light is really where the magic happens.

I could spend forever waxing poetic about some of my favorite collections (Chanel! The Row! Saint Laurent!), but I’m one for consistency, so we’re going to stick to the formula here: Below, you’ll find some recurring themes (dare I say trends?) that caught my eye…and held it. These are some of my favorite looks of the entire season, but I would love to hear your take on things, too. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Alright, Paris, let’s see what you’ve got…

All Buttoned Up

(from l-r: Céline, Mugler, Yohji Yamamoto)

While fashion’s obsession with fringe is far from over (check out the New York recap to get the scoop), the Paris designers also embraced the button this season. Some gave it a classic spin à la Yohji’s matching suit, while others, like Mugler, got more playful. Who knows? Maybe next spring will see you digging though mom’s button collection for funky cool duds of your own.


(from l-r: Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Vanessa Seward)

After several seasons of athleisure, it’s fun to see designers getting serious about denim again. Even in Paris, one of the world’s most elegant cities, the blue jeans were out in full swing. Of course, these were far from your typical Levi’s. My personal favorite was the patchwork cape from Saint Laurent, but the all-denim suit at Vanessa Seward and the embroidered coat at Alexander McQueen weren’t half-bad, either. 😉

Eyes Up Here

 (l-r: Hermès, Valentino, Chanel)

While it’s clear the shoulder is Spring 2016 most coveted body part, the Paris designers also wanted eyes elsewhere: the neck. They made a great case for it, as well, adorning models in eye-catching chokers and pendants that are sure to be a hit on the selling floor.

Serious Shine

(l-r: Isabel Marant, Tom Ford, Loewe)

I think everyone, regardless of their personal tastes, needs a little sparkle’n’shine in their life. Clearly designers agree, because light-grabbing garments were all over the Paris runways. Some, like Isabel Marant and Tom Ford, went the chic-but-functional route with pants and jackets. J.W. Anderson at Loewe, however, went all-out with a fabulous dress that could serve as fashionable armor…literally. I mean, no one‘s getting too close to those embellishments.

Well, that’s a wrap, folks. The Spring/Sumer 2016 runways were home to serious style, and (like always) I can’t wait to see what out favorite designers will do next! See you next season…


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