What I Read This Week



Oh. Em. Gee. Remember when I talked about enjoying the “quiet” period before the “real” stress kicked in? Yeah, that time is officially over. The work load at school really amped up this week. We’re talking tests, quizzes, papers, readings…all that good stuff. Add that on top of a crazy tennis schedule, and you’ve got a recipe for some seriously stressed-out moments. But I’m doing my best to stay calm, and trust that I can get everything done.

Are any of your experiencing similar school woes?

The last thing I needed were eight more podcasts to listen to, but…

Next on my travel list? A visit to each of the world’s most beautiful book shops.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love YouTube workouts. I can’t wait to check out Cupcakes & Cashmere’s recs!

After several nights of harried, last-minute dinners, I’m in the mood to get cozy with this golden channa masala.

*newscaster voice* Tonight on 60 Minuteshow a dessert blogger survives two months without sugar.

A little #shamelessselfpromotion: Be sure to check out the latest update to the LOOKS page!


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