(Kinda) Going Veg


I love meat. Chicken, steak, the occasional burger…I get hungry just thinking about it. But lately I’ve been experimenting with my diet by mixing in a few plant-based meals. As it turns out, eating less meat leaves me feeling lighter and more energetic. So while I won’t be giving up my carnivorous ways anytime soon, I’m excited to start experimenting with veggie-based meals. Below are five recipes I plan on whipping up very soon.

Like the look of the photo above? Find out how to that beauty here.

It’s almost fall, which means squash is about to be all over the place. Put some of it to good (read: delicious) use, and make this recipe.

Short on time? This is the bowl for you.

I love me some grain…I can’t wait to see how this bulger-based salad tastes!

I love how simple this soba noodle and broccoli recipe is…perfect for comfort-food nights!

Do you like eating plant-based meals? What’re some of your favorites?


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