#FromWhereTheySit: Who to Follow for a Front-Row Seat at Fashion Week


I’ve never been the FOMO type. That is, morning-after photos from a hot concert or a swanky birthday celebration in the big city don’t fill me with a sinking jealousy. Normally, I’m pretty content to do my own thing, whatever that might be.

Then comes Fashion Month, and my attitude does a complete one-eighty. The thought of runway shows taking place while I’m stuck at school? Now that’s heartbreaking. Thankfully, however, this is the digital age. Because while I may not have scored a seat this time around, I’ve got the next best thing: Instagram.

Seriously, Instagram is my Fashion Month lifesaver. During runway season, I’m checking it 24/7: in between classes, at lunch, while I should be doing homework…you get the picture. I mean, can you really blame me?! Thanks to my following an absurd number of fashion-related accounts, my feed literally overflows with real-time photos and videos from the latest shows. Through the lens of my favorite magazines editor, I can “be” at Marc Jacobs one day, then front- row at Burberry the next. It’s- no exaggeration- the greatest thing ever.

While you can’t go wrong with the fashion crowd on Instagram, there are a number of accounts who are particularly on-point when it comes to Fashion Week coverage. Check out a list of my favorites below:

Fashion Week via Instagram: Who to Follow

The Front-Row Regulars

Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships, Instagram // @evachen212

Suzy Menkes, fashion critic // @suzymenkesvogue

Chen is the former Lucky editor-in-chief who regularly posts slow-motion video of the runway’s most gorgeous pieces. Menkes, on the other hand, is an industry veteran who manages to squeeze mini-reviews into her captions. The two of them together?

The Publications

Women’s Wear Daily, industry trade publication // @wwd

Glamour, fashion magazine // @glamourmag

Women’s Wear Daily is the industry Bible…so it’s no surprise they’ve got a front row seat at nearly every show in town. Glamour‘s social media is all about fun, fun, fun, so expect lots of backstage snaps and tantalizing sneak-peaks.

The Next Generation

The Man Repeller, website // @manrepeller

Courtney Trop, blogger // @always_judging

Expect LOL-worthy captions from Man Repeller, aka”a humorous site for serious fashion”.Trop wins in the visual department: she’s a wizard with the iPhone camera. Her shots are so good, you might just need to #regram.

The Street Style Snappers

@le21eme + @theurbanspotter + @sandrasemburg

Gather the world’s most stylish employees in one city for a week, and the outfits are bound to be pretty awesome. Thankfully, there’s dedicated photographers out rounding up the best (Solange! The Trainas! About 500 different models!) and putting it on Instagram for the rest of us to enjoy.

It was hard picking out just a few accounts, but I truly believe the above are key to keeping my fashion week feed up-to-date- not to mention terribly well-dressed. Do you get your runway fix via social media? If so, which accounts keep you in “the know”?


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