On My Radar: September

So, a weird thing happened yesterday: Suddenly, it became September. Even though I’ve had a nice, long summer, I still can’t over the fact that fall is officially just around the corner. One half of me is excited to wear sweaters and boots again, while the other half is dreading late nights of homework and schlepping to and fro. But, all that said, there are some pretty awesome goings-on already in store for the next few weeks. Here’s what’s at the top of my list:


Two Words: Fashion. Week.

…Or Should I say, weeks. The Spring/Summer 2016 collections will kick off next week in New York City, before hopping to London, Milan, and finally culminating in Paris. So-called “fashion month” is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of the year, and I cannot wait to see what our favorite designers have to show us.


Game, Set, Match.

NYFW isn’t the only thing drawing crowds to New York. The US Open is in town! The final Grand Slam tournament commenced at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Monday, and is set to conclude on the 13th. Ironically, I won’t be attending because of my own tennis practice, but you can bet that I’ll be catching up via the the small screen in my off hours!


Back to School.

School. Meh. In years past, I’ve been so stir crazy by the middle August that I cannot wait to hit the books. But this year is different. I’m reluctant to return to the daily grind, to all the homework and stress and scheduling and…I’m getting annoyed just typing about it. That said, I don’t want to enter my junior year with a totally negative attitude, so I’m doing my best to stay positive. If only I didn’t have so much APUSH work left to do…

P.S. If you’re also bummed out about returning to school, check out this segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden. It’ s sure to put a smile on your face.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.55.08 PM

The September Issues

If you’ve seen my Instagram bio, you’re probably aware that I’m a self-confessed magazine hoarder. One of the highlights of every month is when my favorite publications- VogueW! Vanity Fair!- show up at my doorstep. So you can imagine the excitement I feel when the September issues- aka the fattest, most beautiful editions of the year- start arriving I would say it’s similar to Christmas morning, but I’d be lying.

It’s better than that.

So…September. Fashion. Tennis. School. More fashion. The way I see it, September has the potential to be a month for the books.

Somewhat unfortunately, I mean that both literally and figuratively.


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