What I Read This Week + a Couple Updates



FRI-YAY. I’m exhausted after another week of pre-season, and am excited to spend this weekend soaking up some “me” time before schools starts up again. It’s sad that summer is coming to an end, but I’m also anxious to get back in the swing of things and see what the new school year has to offer. After hearing so much about the horrors of junior year, it’s time to rip the Band-Aid off for myself, you know?

Before we get into What I Read This Week, I want to address a few recent updates to A Style Study. As some of you may have noticed, the blog now includes a “Looks” page. As it says in the description, this page is your one-stop destination for my latest sartorial adventures. Rather than actual outfit posts, I’ll be updating “Looks” a couple times a week to give you peak at what I’m wearing. Sounds good? Good.

One more thing: The especially observant of you may have also noticed that the A Style Study tagline has changed. While “embrace what makes you happy” fit the bill for a little while, I believe that “dress. eat. travel. inspire. breathe. live.” is more aligned with the content and the message of this blog. For those of you who have been reading for a while, I hope that you continue to come to A Style Study as a source of inspiration in all six of these areas. If this your first visit, welcome! Feel free to stay a while. 🙂

And now…what I read this week:

Man Repeller now has a podcast. ‘Nuff said.

I’m still swooning over this dreamy Parisian apartment. Hello, #goals. 

Ever wondered what your breakfast says about you? Well, now you know.

Deliciously Ella’s Monday inspo was on point this week.

Christoph Lemaire x Uniqlo? Um, yes puh-lease.

Get BTS ready with these backpack street style pics.


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