A Style Study Travels: France Photo Journal


It’s finally here! Today I am so excited to be sharing my “photo journal” from my trip to France. I loved putting it together (hey, any excuse to relive an amazing trip), and I hope you enjoy this little peak at my adventures!


For the four weeks I was away, I lived in the beautiful city of Montpellier, France. Montpellier is the capital of Languedoc-Rousillon, the country’s southern-most mainland province. The temperatures were scorching (we’re talking a casual 104°F), but it was hard to think about the heat when surrounded by such amazing sights.

above, L-R: (1) the picturesque main drag. (2) the Place de la Comedie, which functions as the city center. (3) the local cathedral.

below: more snaps from around town 


above: We’re not in CVS anymore…

French pharmacies are famous for their chic ambiance and exhaustive selection of the best, most luxurious products. After stopping by a “pharmacy” in Montpellier, I could see why! 


I was lucky enough to get the chance to explore other cities, as well. See below for some highlights…

above: As a history junkie, I adored the Arènes de Nîmes (left), in Nîmes, and the nearby Pont du Gard (right), both of which date back to Roman.

below: Perhaps one of my favorite destinations was the magical city of Avignon. Getting to see the famous Pont d’Avignon and the Palais des Papes (both below) was truly a bucket list moment! Plus, the whole city smells of lavender, which isn’t a terrible thing.


above: Another amazing experience was visiting Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, a tiny medieval village nestled in the mountains. Truly awe-inspiring!

above: I visited a different beach every Sunday. The above are my two favorites: the movie-worthy shores of Sète and the beautiful Lac de Salagou.


It’s been a dream of mine to celebrate “La fete nationale” in France. This firework show certainly lived up to all the the hype! #VivelaFrance

:: EATS ::

Given that the French are renowned for their amazing cuisine I couldn’t not include a little section about what I ate. I may be bias, but I dare your mouths not to water at the below…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.35.19 PM

clockwise from top left: the mere beginning of an amazing brunch; a crêpe Nutella, courtesy of moi; the most delicious gelato you will ever eat in your entire life, no joke; a killer boulangerie sandwich; mussels and french fries, obviously; and example of French “street food,” aka gourmet paella. 

:: LA FIN ::

We spent the last night at the most amazing little spot nestled between vineyards in the countryside. What a way to conclude such a fantastic trip. The evening was definitely emotional, but also filled with so much happiness. I mean…who couldn’t smile at that view?!


…And who could resist the opprotunity to take a selfie? 😉

Well, that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed this little recap of my French adventures. I truly had an incredible experience, and loved getting to relive it all when putting this post together.

As they say in France, à bientôt!

xxx (in the south of France, it’s three kisses)

3 thoughts on “A Style Study Travels: France Photo Journal

  1. Hey olivia! These pictures are so beautiful. I agree, it’s an amazing way to relive the memories 🙂

    I miss you
    -Michelle (from camp)


    1. Michelle! I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos. And although they are a great way to remember that amazing month, they could never compare to the actual experience! Keep in touch, okay? 🙂 xx Olivia


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