Au Revoir


This week I’m finally off to Europe for a month of (hopefully) some serious adventure. I have been looking forward to this trip for almost six months now, and cannot believe it’s actually here. And while I’m definitely excited, a big part of me is nervous, too. It’s not easy, to be getting on a plane and saying goodbye to everything I know for four weeks. And I do mean everything: my parents, my home, even my language. It feels like I’m diving headfirst into the unknown, and I’ve forgotten my swim goggles. This is at once thrilling and paralyzing.

But, even though I’m not so sure too much right now, you expect one thing: There will still be regular blog updates while I’m away. (If you’re looking for the latest word on my travels, be sure to check in on Instagram.) And when I get back? Be ready for lots of fresh content and some exciting new developments. I’ve got some exciting plans in mind, and I cannot wait to share them with all of you.

But until then, it’s au revoir, mes amis.


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