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As the one-year anniversary of my starting this blog approaches, I’ve been looking back over posts I wrote over the past twelve months. This has been an interested process: I find myself cringing at some (read: all) of those early posts, then smiling the next second when remembering a particularly fun piece. I’ve also noticed some patterns that have cropped up over time. Namely, my constant mentioning of my “icons.” Wether it’s a post entirely dedicated to one of my favorite style stars, or just a brief mention, I always seem to work the people I admire into the conversation.

When I’m talking about icons, I often have solely fashion in mind- highlighting those whose phenomenal style provides endless inspiration for myself and others. But I’m not motivated by great clothes alone (shocking, I know). I also have what I like to call “life icons”, or people who don’t just have great style, but who live lives that motivate me to work hard and pursue my dreams.

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Case in point? Amanda Brooks, whose book I (Heart) Your Style was featured on the blog several months ago. Brooks spent two decades immersed in the fashion industry, her illustrious career culminating with a stint as fashion director of Barney’s New York. But the impressive resumé (and enviable closet) is not the sole source of my admiration. What I find most inspiring about Amanda Brooks is her commitment to creating a fulfilling life, no matter what that may entail: When she was just a few years out of college, it meant leaving a coveted art gallery job that was wrecking havoc on her well-being. She made a similar move years later, leaving New York behind and moving her family to rural England in search of personal bliss. Brooks has since found a new groove as a writer, and just released her second book, Always Pack a Party Dress: And Other Lessons Learned From a (Half) Life in Fashion, which reflects on her time in the fashion industry.

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Personally, I find it hard not to admire people who, like Amanda Brooks, take their happiness seriously. This is something I try to promote myself, both through my blog and in conversation with others. In this increasingly cut-throat, competitive world, I believe the only key to contentment is finding what makes you happy and embracing it whole-heartedly. This is a big part of why I started A Style Study, as it gave me an outlet through which I could do just that. Now, almost 365 days later, I hope that this blog inspires others to do the same: to find what they love…

And jump in.


P.S. Do you have any “life icons”? If so, who? Why do you admire them? I’d love to hear, so share below!

Some of my other life icons have made appearances on A Style Study…check them out herehere, and here.

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