What I Read This Week



It feels weird opening this post with a resounding “happy weekend!” Now that it’s summer for me, Fridays have kinda sorta lost their sparkle. Not that I spend the entire week lounging around #sundaze style, but the weekends just don’t warrant a great sigh of relief like they do during the academic year. So, no “happy weekend” for now, okay? Sounds good.

The Internet was teeming with fantastic articles this week. So much so that, as I write this, there is a second Chrome window containing about five more I have yet to read. So props to the Internet world for really pulling through.

One of my favorite movies, Clueless, turns twenty next month. Vogue.com paid excellent tribute to the occasion by listing twelve life lessons we can all learn from Cher Horowitz & Co.

One of my favorite blogs, Sailing the Sea of Style, featured some interesting commentary in defense of the uniform last week.

I’ve got some exciting travel plans coming up (stay tuned), so I was thrilled to read Cheetah is the New Black’s rave review of the French pharmacy.

I’ve mentioned before that, unlike most people my age, I am Snapchat averse. Pandora Sykes argued her case against the platform on her blog, further proving why she is one of my favorite people ever.

One of my favorite blogs, The Glitter Guide, recently celebrated its four-year anniversary. Check out their compilation of some of their best posts over the years.

Thanks to AnOther magazine, I’m now seriously obsessed with collage art.

I totally did not need another reason to be on my phone but…who knew their iPhone had these capabilities?!

That’s it for me, folks. Catch ya on Monday.


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