What I Read This Week



Happy weekend! I’m particularly excited this week because it’s officially summer for me. Even though the weather has been less than ideal, it’s been nice to have a few days to just hang out and catch up on things (*cough* magazines *cough*). I’ve got some fun things planned for later in the season (more on that later), but right I’m enjoying not having a schedule. That, and the no more exams doesn’t hurt, either 😉

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

Recent grads, this one’s for you: The Glitter Guide did an awesome feature about finding a job in New York post-college.

The CFDA Awards were on Monday night! Comedian James Corden’s hilarious introduction made up for the uneventful red carpet.

I’m officially coveting the work of this model-turned-custom-bag designer.

Are you an impulse shopper? If so, you might want to delete some of those social media apps. Rumor has it a majority of them – from Pinterest to Instagram – are adding “buy now” buttons in the near future.

I’ve summered near the North Fork my entire life, and can’t wait to check out some of author Christopher Bollen’s favorite haunts.

One of my favorite teen bloggers, Roisin Tapponi of How to Survive As a Fashionable Teenager, recently penned a fascinating piece about artist Man Ray.

Talk about Insta-jealousy: blogger Carin Olsen of Paris in Four Months has the ultimate dream feed.


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