Letting Some Light In


I hit a bit of a wall this weekend.

In between my piles of textbooks and flashcards, there was a moment (okay, moments) when I just felt so intensely overwhelmed. I’ve never enjoyed this time of year, this awkward in-between when you have no idea how to feel: elated that summer is on the horizon or panicked because finals are even closer. Not surprisingly, I tend to sway towards the latter. This year, in particular, I’ve been working like mad to get all those academic loose ends tied up before its too late. But, in the process of working so hard, I was neglecting myself.

Over the weekend I realized that for the past week, I’ve been running on empty. All the staying up late to finish a paper and then waking up before six so I have time to study before school was wrecking havoc on both my emotional and physical health. By Saturday, I was exhausted and upset. It was one of those moments I think we all have from time to time, when the light at the end of tunnel simply isn’t visible.

But then, while taking a break from my history project (don’t ask), I listened to recent episode of one of my favorite podcasts, The Lively Show. It was an interview with Jessica Turner, a blogger and author who talked about, among other things, the art of making time for yourself. This episode really could not have come at a better time for me. It was the perfect reminder that, amidst all the end-of-semester craziness, needed time, too!

And so, for the remainder of the weekend, I made a conscious effort to balance the hard work with some rest and relaxation. This involved indulging in my favorite foods (*cough* buckwheat pancakes), going on a walk around my neighborhood, and hey, even sitting here and writing this post. Although the to-dos did not go away, I found myself much more focused and less stressed.

I thought that today’s post might serve as a helpful reminder to all of us: In a society that places so much (albeit rightful) emphasis on working hard, it is easy to forget to take time for yourself. That said, it’s amazing what some “me time” can do for your mind and body. Being content and well-rested can even make the work we’re doing more enjoyable…and isn’t that what we all want?

With that, I hope you all had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! Be sure to check back in later this week.


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