Inspired By… // No. 1

Whenever I’m in need of a little pick-me-up, I immediately head straight to one of two places: Pinterest or Tumblr. Although Instagram is great for keeping up with the latest goings-on, P&T, as I call them, definitely take the cake when it comes to visual feasting. I mean, where else are you going to find an abundance of everything from expert street style snaps to quotes about pizza (both of which can be seen below), all of it curated just for you? Um, probably not very many places. And even though I’m deep in finals mode and am doing my best to avoid updating my feed, I couldn’t help but share with you some of my favorite images from the past week. Looking to delight your eyes? Kick back, relax, and scroll below.


Although I don’t condone standing on books, this photo combines two of my favorites things: weathered book covers and oxfords.


New trick for the next time I babysit? Bring along a magazine to make peek-a-boo instantly 10x cooler.


#truth. Just #truth.


Eye shadow “on point”, no?


What can I say? Lorelei Gilmour speaks to me on a spiritual level.


That awkward moment when your coat is so fabulous it doesn’t matter than you’re covering you’re face.

Possibly the coolest front row crew ever. In other words, #goals.


And, lastly, a little reminder I’m sure we could all use right now. 🙂

What’s been inspiring you lately?


P.S. I apologize in advance for the shorter posts in the next few days. Like I said above, I’ve got finals on the brain! Once it’s all done, however you can expect lots of fun new content! Got any suggestions of your own? Drop me an email at

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