What I Read This Week



Alright, my friends, the countdown is officially on. It finally hit me that there’s less than twenty days left in the school year, so right now I’m just focused on pushing through the next few weeks. This time of year is always strange: on one hand, you’re all excited because summer is finally coming, but you’re also being slammed with final tests and projects at school. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is the point in the year that I always start to slack off a bit, so I have to keep reminded myself to keep my eye on the ball and stay focused. Although it may not be fun right now, it will (hopefully) pay off when I get my final report card.

Okay, rant/speech over. Before we kick off the weekend, a look back at what I read this week:

I used to be a major fan of The View, but judging by this article, my old favorite’s days might be numbered.

Like I said above, my focus takes a major hit as the summer draws closer. Luckily, this feature from The New Potato had some advice on the subject.

The Cannes Film Festival is officially underway. To find out how stylist Kate Young got her client’s red carpet-ready, check out this fun piece.

Another thing that’s totally official: my new obsession with everything Dries van Noten. Read this interview, and you’ll understand why.

…While you’re at it, also watch the designer’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection film.

Can you imagine living mere steps from big cats? That’s the reality for this village in India, where inhabitants and leopards are as good as next-door neighbors.

On my bucket list? Become an expert flower-arranger (because why not?). It looks like this feature from Rookie might get me started down the right path.


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