What I Read This Week



I can think of only one word that would accurately describe this week: L-O-N-G. It felt like it should have been Friday on Wednesday! With that said, I’m definitely glad the weekend is finally here. I’ve only got four more weeks left until the end of school, so right now its all about staying motivated. One way to do that? Maintain a (somewhat) equal balance of work and rest. Did somebody say Netflix marathon…?

Before we sign off, what I read this week:

The race for #2016 is heating up…get the latest here.

So what’s the deal with wearing an Apple Watch while driving? Well, apparently, no one knows yet.

While you patiently wait for a chance to see Dior and I, stay entertained with this new short film about the elusive legacy of designer Martin Margiela.

Who says models don’t eat? Here’s four model-run food blogs worth following.

First KIND bars are bad for you, and now this?! As it turns out, those nutrition labels we’ve all been told to look at might not be so accurate.


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