Feast for the Eyes: Le District at Brookfield Place


Did you happen to catch the post a few weeks back about what was “On My Radar” for April? If you did, you might remember that I mention my plans to visit Le District, a new marketplace/restaurant  in New York. Well, it happened, and I’m so excited to finally share the experience with you.

For those of you who might not know, Le District recently opened at Brookfield Place, a new mall space in Manhattan’s Financial District. Located just steps from the water (cue gorgeous views), it features both market stations and three individual restaurants, all of them celebrating French cuisine. We’re talking pain au chocolat, crêpes, and fresh baguettes, baby…or should I say, bébé?

I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit Le District with my French class. To say that I was excited about ditching a couple classes in order to take in the smells of aged cheeses and melted chocolate would be an understatement. When we finally got off the bus and were set loose to explore, I could barely contain myself! I was ready to see (and taste) everything.

The best way to describe Le District would be to call it a food explosion. Everywhere you turned, there was something to eat. As mentioned previous, the marketplace section (there are in fact three restaurants also within the space, but my class did not eat there) is divided into stations, including a FromagerieRotisserie, and, perhaps best of all, a Crêperie. I spent a good twenty minutes just taking in each station, getting a look at all they had to offer. Not only were they stocked with mouth-watering eats, but they were terribly photogenic, as well:


No French market would be complete without a robust selection of jams!


I lost count of how many different cheese there were…


I couldn’t resist a little close up at the Poissonerie!


The gluten-averse, beware: These are just a few of the bread pastries that were available throughout.

IMG_0678 2

I loved the pâté in Paris…and came dangerously close to purchasing this travel-sized portion for the ride home.


Hands down the prettiest desserts I’ve ever seen.

IMG_0693 2

Would you like some flowers with your baguette? Oui, merci.


One fresh nutella crêpe, at your service.

IMG_0680 2

Low-key open-air display of piles upon piles of French cookies…no big deal or anything.

 As you can see, the aestetic-lover that I got a bit of visual high off all the fantastique-ness of Le District. After scoping it out (a total must with any new place, in my opinion), I’m definitely excited to return! There was so much to try that I didn’t got around to…I would definitely say that warrants another visit, right? 😉 Either way, I really enjoyed my little jaunt to Le District. For those of you in the New York area (or with plans to visit soon!), I highly recommend stopping by. And even if you don’t get to sample any of the French deliciousness, Le District is in a prime location where there is so much to explore (*cough* shopping *cough*).

 I hope you enjoyed this little recap of my visit to Le District. Have you visited any cultural food places recently? If so, what was you experience?


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