Positively “Fugly”…And Totally On-Trend


Fear not, folks. Fashion’s obsession with ugly/pretty footwear is not dying out just yet. In the wake of last year’s Birkenstock craze (thank you, Phoebe Philo), this week saw the debut of what is sure to be the next “it” spring/summer shoe: Tevas.

Yes, Tevas. Those very same sandals your mom strapped on your feet for days spent exploring the kiddie pool. Only this time they’ve been given a high-fashion spin by way of a collaboration with cool-kid retailer Opening Ceremony. Released for pre-order on April 20, the collection features of three exclusive styles, ranging from the über sporty Hurricane XLT to the functional Flatform Universal (my personal favorite). The shoes’ construction is reminiscent of the brand’s traditional water sandals; the style lies in the materials: the Hurricane XLT comes in leather, while the Psyclone Tonal comes in suede. Fun colors also add a dose of street sensibility, with options ranging from a strawberry pink to minimalist white.

I’m not going to lie: I can’t wait to see people out and about rocking their Opening Ceremony x Teva sandals. As to which street style star will rock them first, my money’s on Eva Chen, a.k.a the Queen of Fabulous Footwear. A #evachenpose featuring these babies? Um, yes please.

What are your thoughts about the Opening Ceremony x Teva collection? Are you excited that ugly/pretty shoes are sticking around, or are you tired of the idea?


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