Getting Artsy: 4 Artists I’m Loving

I’ve talked before about the fact that I have a wide – sometimes overwhelming- range of interests. Well, my ever-growing list just got longer, because lately I’ve been obsessed with anything and everything art. I’ve always had an appreciation for artwork, and grew up going to museums pretty regularly. That said, only just now has it become a genuine personal interest. I credit this change of heart to my visit last month to the National Gallery in Washington D.C. (check out the full recap here). The collection there is incredibly vast, and I was reluctant to leave. Thankfully, the internet makes it pretty easy to research different artists and mediums, so I’ve been indulging my visual senses that way until my next museum visit.

So, given that I’m supposedly spending so much time exploring the art world, you’re probably going to ask: who’s your favorite artist? To tell the truth, I don’t quite have one yet. In fact, I probably never will: picking favorites is not something I enjoy. But I certainly have a growing list of artists whose work I love. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty varied group, including everyone from painters to projectionists (more about that below). This list is sure to change in the future, but here’s a quick at the artists at the top of my radar en ce moment:

Annika Connor


I love this rising artist’s approach to painting…her work is so vivid and imaginative, yet so real at the same time. Plus, anyone who does a portrait of Bill Cunningham is instantly my favorite.

Johannes Vermeer


I’ve been a Vermeer fan ever since I read Chasing Vermeer in fourth grade. I was lucky enough to see “Girl With a Pearl Earring” at the Frick Collection almost two years ago…to say its beautiful would be an understatement.

Jenny Holzer


Like I said, the list is varied. But, seriously, how downright cool are these projections?!

John Singleton Copley


I actually posted I picture of a Copley painting while I was in D.C. (find it here), and couldn’t help but look into his other work. I especially love his portraiture, which does a fantastic job of evoking the subject’s character.

Are there are artists you’ve been loving lately?


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