Lust List: The Summer Edit



I don’t know about the rest of you, but today’s gorgeous weather (I’m talking sunny and 73, people) got me thinking about summer. More specifically, shopping for summer. I guess I’m in luck, because all the summer clothes are just beginning to hit the shelves in stores, and all of our favorite retailers are awash with new products. With all this in mind, I’ve compiled is a quick edit of the pieces that made my “covet” list this season. A couple of these beauties have already made their way into my closet, but you can count on the fact that I’ll be lusting after the others. Because, let’s be honest: just imagining yourself wearing certain pieces is almost as fun as actually wearing them. The key word here, my friends, is “almost”.

The Summer Edit

the dresses

one // two // three

the tops

one // two // three

the bottoms

one // two // three

the shoes

one // two // three

the accessories

one // two // three

As you can probably see from the items above, I’m all about comfort and versatility for summer. Are you feeling the same? Be sure to share your own thoughts below!


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