Wanderlust No. 3 // St. Barths



Now that the weather has finally started to warm up a bit, you might think that my daydreams about palm trees and white sandy beaches would subside. And they did! That is, until it seemed like all of my favorite bloggers were sojourning to the ultimate island destination, sharing plenty no-filter-needed photos along the way.

Where is this place, where the water is so clear and the temperatures are so high? Roughly 1,700 miles away from yours truly, I can tell you that much. I’m talking about St. Barths, the 9.7 square mile island nestled in the depths of the Caribbean. Once the winter getaway for the likes of Rockefeller family, it remains one of the must coveted destinations in the world. That alone puts it at the top of my “To Go” list, but after seeing some seriously envy-inducing pictures on Sailing the Sea of Style and Le Catch (two must-reads, by the way.)? Yeah, I want to, like, yesterday.



Assuming I do hop a plane sometime soon, here’s what’s on my to-do list besides beaching it:

+ A hike to the Grand Fond natural pools

+ Circumnavigate the island via chartered boat

+ A trip to the Poupette boutique (hey, even in the Caribbean a girl needs some retail therapy)

+ Some swimming in the famed Grand Cul De Sac

+ Of course, no trip is complete without some fabulous food: I’ve read good things about/internet stalked the menus at Le Ti, Nikki Beach, and and Le Gaïac, among others.

It looks like I’ve got my trip to St. Barths all planned out. Now if only I was actually going away…

Any destinations you’re dying to visit of late?


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust No. 3 // St. Barths

    1. So glad you liked it! I came across Nikki Beach when researching this post, and it sounds like a great spot(not to mention delicious!). Thank you for reading/commenting. xx Olivia


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