A Few New Rules


Over my spring break, I had the pleasure of reading The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness. Co-authored by the renowned Dr. Frank Lipman and Real Simple editor Danielle Claro, the book is a new sort of lifestyle guide. Only just recently published (and already getting major buzz), it is complete with over 100 “rules” to help you achieve balance in all areas of your life – from the food you eat to the bed you sleep on.

Why did I seek this tome out in the first place? Well, aside from my own interest in nutrition and healthy living, I was starting to feel directionless. Not only was I less than impressed with my recent diet and exercise habits, but my overall sense of well-being was in need of some revamping. I came across a mention of The New Health Rules in the March issue of Marie Claire (like I said, major buzz), and went straight to amazon.com to learn more. Within second of previewing the first page, I instantly clicked with the authors’ introductory message, which promises to “bring you the secrets of feeling your absolute best, while keeping you engaged, inspired, and awake.” Needless to say, I hit order.

As it turns out, I did gain some serious insight from The New Health Rules (which shall, from here on out, be referred to as TNHR). In fact, I was up all night devouring all 220 pages. Unlike a lot of books that promise to help to you makeover your lifestyle, TNHR is written in accessible, to-the-point language that you don’t need a thesaurus to comprehend. Each rule is short and sweet, mainly because a lot of them don’t need serious explanation: they’re practically common sense in the best way possible. Not only that, but the photography inside is simple gorgeous. Seriously, though, I haven’t seen a jar of supplements look so pretty…probably ever.


While I appreciated everything that TNHR had to say, there were a few rules that really stuck out to me. In fact, I’ve started making an effort to incorporate them into my own life. What are they exactly? Find out below:

Olivia’s New Health Rules


+ Sugar is Poison. Did you know that too much sugar can increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease? I sure didn’t. But, now that I do, I am taking TNHR’s advice and paying close attention to how much refined sugar I am taking in. So far, not too bad. …Okay, fine, I had ice cream over the weekend. Hey, everything in moderation. 😉
+ Eat Till Your’re Only 80 Percent Full. I’ll be the first to admit that I have an issue with portion control, especially with restaurant meals. Now, every time I am out I will try to remember to eat only half, pause, and think “Do I really need the rest?” before continuing.
+ Rethink Snack Time. I’m the kind of girl who needs her snack every afternoon. Usually, I reach for a KIND bar, or maybe some gluten-free tortilla chips that I’ve convinced myself are “healthy”. After reading TNHR, however, I’ve been making an effort to eat less processed foods in between lunch and dinner: think lots of nuts, veggies and hummus, and the occasional apple with almond butter. I’ve actually noticed a real difference in my energy level, which provides needed motivation for when the chips are right over there. In all honesty, however, I’m getting sick of almonds. Got any recommendations of your own?


+ Yoga…It’s No Joke. I love yoga, but let’s just say I’m not the most dedicated practitioner. However, I’m considering getting seriously committed after reading what TNHR had to say: not only does it provide a great physical stretch but it can start to reshape your outlook on life. I know, I know, it sounds like the zen stuff we all like to roll our eyes at. But the authors have a point when they say that yoga is largely about getting comfortable in uncomfortable positions. This, certainly, is an essential skill both on and off the mat.
+ Don’t Get Computer Spine. Nowadays, so many of us spend a majority of out time hunched over a computer screen. Now, we’re all familiar with the “get off the Internet, get outside” lecture, but did you know that this position overextends your back muscles, and conforms your body so that the entire front of your body is constricted? Reading this has made me more conscious of my slouching, and I’ve been careful about not letting my shoulders creep up or my spine roll forward.

DSC_0491 2

+ The Art of Sleeping Well. I’ve never been a great sleeper, so I’m always on the market for helpful bedtime tips. TNHR had a few things to say on this issue, but there was one that stuck out to me most: Sleep training. I know, sounds like work, right? And isn’t sleep to be about,you know, resting? But hear this one out: practicing going to bed and waking at the same time everyday (yes, even weekends) helps you body to establish a habit that it will eventually regulate to. This will have you falling asleep faster, resting easier, and waking up refreshed. Every. Single. Day. I just recently started “training”, and have already noticed a difference!
+ Get Outside. For Real. I’m the worst about getting fresh air. I always mean to at some point, but then suddenly its nine in the evening and I never stepped a foot out the door. But after racing about the importance of Vitamin D, as well as the mental benefits of time spent outside, getting outdoors just moved to the top of my priority list.

Wow, this post turned out to be a lot longer then I thought. And these are only a few of the things I learned from The New Health Rules! I suppose it just speaks to how much I truly enjoyed this book, and how glad I am to have it one hand for whenever I need to hit the reset button. In the two weeks since I’ve started incorporating these lessons into my life, I’ve noticed a genuine difference not only in how I look and feel (aka the best combination ever).

I hope some of you look into buying The New Health Rules for yourselves. Regardless the state of your personal wellness, we could all use a little more knowledge on the subject, could we not? And, as I mentioned previously, The New Health Rules gives you all that and more.

What are your thoughts on a these “rules”? Would you consider implementing them into your own life?


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