A Style Study Travels: Washington, D.C.

Hey there, lovelies! After a brief hiatus, I’m back at it here on A Style Study. First on the agenda? A recap of my trip last week to out nation’s capital: Washington, D.C.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram (which, ahem, you totally should be), you’ve already seen a few sneak peaks, but I thought it might be fun to give you a more detailed look into my little getaway. Plus, you know, it gives me motivation to get the pictures off of the camera…

Any and all laziness aside, here’s what went down:

My parents and I took the AMTRAK down to D.C. on Sunday afternoon. This was our second family trip to the city, and this time around our goal was to visit some sites that we’d missed the first time around. Before we got to that, however, we dropped our (embarrassingly large) luggage at the hotel, which was mere steps from…


…*cue the intense music* The United States Capitol. The building itself is getting a bit of facelift, but even with the scaffolding it sure is majestic.

We proceeded to do some walking around the city. Unlike Manhattan, D.C.’s sidewalks are wide and the streets even more so, providing for plenty of photo-ops, like this one:


We hit up the Crime Museum and the Spy Museum (both a little campy but fun) before heading over to Ford’s Theater. In case you don’t know, Ford’s Theater was the site of Daniel Day Lewis’s…I’m sorry, Abraham Lincoln‘s assassination in April 1865. Below, a photo of the presidential box in which John Wilkes Booth pulled the trigger almost 150 years ago:


After all that, we grabbed some dinner and called it an early night. We were up bright and (somewhat) early Monday morning, however, for the next leg of our trip. Where to next? Arlington National Cemetery, perhaps one of the most moving places I’ve ever been. We walked through the cemetery a bit, eventually ending up at Arlington House, which overlooks the cemetery and the city beyond:


Arlington House was once the home of General Robert E. Lee, and was eventually occupied by Union soldiers during the Civil War. My family and I had been to both the cemetery and the house before, but it was nice to go back and reminisce about old memories while making some new ones.

Another snap of the house...I'm a sucker for columns.
Another snap of the house…I’m a sucker for columns.

 We spent the afternoon at the American History Museum, which we had missed the last time we were in the city. Needless to say, I was in awe of the exhibit featuring dresses belonging to the First Ladies. I unfortunately did not snap any photos (like I said…there was some serious awe going on), but all I can say is that if you haven’t already been, go. The museum offers a plethora of fascinating exhibits that are sure to leave everyone happy. Got a foodie friend? They’ll delight in seeing Julia Child’s kitchen. A friend with economics on the brain? There’s a whole exhibit dedicated to money. So, the American History Museum. Get there.

IMG_0294We closed out the day by heading to Georgetown (more on that later) for a delicious dinner with some family who lives in the area. Before sitting down, however, my parents and I took an unofficial tour of Georgetown University (see the main gate above). I was a little unsure of what to expect, but the campus was simply beautiful, and the experience left me excited to start actually looking at schools next year.

While the gnocchi I gorged on Monday night (#YOLO at its finest) was certainly a highlight, my favorite part of the trip was actually Tuesday morning, which my family and I spent at the National Art Gallery. The collection the museum has amassed over the years is truly one-of-a-kind, not to mention curated to perfection. I was blown away by everything, from the Dutch/Flemish Renaissance pieces to the Impressionists to the various sculptural works. Here are a few pictures I snapped:

“Colonel William Finch and His Sisters Sarah and Ann Finch” by John Singleton Copley
“Riders on the Beach at Dieppe” by Rene Pierre Charles Princeteau
An original wax molding of Edgar Degas'
An original wax molding of Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen”

After the National Art Gallery, we strolled the National Mall for a bit before stopping for a late lunch. On our way, we managed to sneak a peak at the back entrance to the White House:


Finally we capped off the day at the Newseum, which is a favorite of mine from previous visits to D.C. Aside from displaying fascinating pieces such as a section of the Berlin Wall, the museum provides a detailed account of the history of news circulation in America, and boasts an eery FBI exhibits with artifacts pertaining to some of the most infamous crimes in U.S. history (think: the Unabomber, Patty Hearst, etc.).

Fast forwards to Wednesday: It was our last day in the city, and I couldn’t resist heading back over to the Georgetown neighborhood to sneak in some SES (shopping, eating, and strolling). We spent the better part of the day wandering the streets, taking in the beautiful townhouses and relishing the warm(er) weather. Of course, I’ couldn’t resist getting a picture of “O” street (which, I might add, is home to none other than John Kerry, the current Secretary of State)!


For our afternoon snack, my mom and I indulged in a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake, home of TLC’s D.C. Cupcakes. Surprisingly, there was virtually no line, and within ten minutes I was digging in to this chocolate coconut cupcake:

FullSizeRenderSo good. Seriously, though. I would not be surprised if I find myself dreaming about this baby later on in the week.

And that concludes the recap of my visit to Washington, D.C. Looking back, this post is way longer than I originally intended, but I couldn’t help but share almost everything. Although it wasn’t without its fair share of bumps in the road, it was a truly enjoyable trip. In fact, I find myself missing D.C. as I sit here writing this. Who knows? Maybe I’ll call it home one day.

Until then, it’s goodbye, Washington. How is it that they say in the Secret Service? A Style Study has left the building (er…district).



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