Sweet & Spark: The Perfect Find

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Maybe it was all the hype leading up to International Women’s Day, but recently I’ve started paying serious attention to the work female entrepreneurs. Regardless of the reason behind my newfound interest, I think that there is something so inspirational about women who are taking major risks and forging their own career paths. And, not surprisingly, the ventures these gals are undertaking are pretty awesome. A founder/company at the top of my watch list? Jillian Bremer of Sweet & Spark.


Based out of San Francisco, Jillian Bremer epitomizes the idea of turning your passion into your full-time career. Inspired by her childhood scouring garage sales with her vintage connoisseur father, Bremer left her job in fashion buying in 2012 to re-launch her personal blog, Sweet & Spark, as a vintage jewelry company. Since then, the site has offered a curated selection of costume pieces from the 1940s-90s (not to mention a lust-worthy new wedding collection), all of it hand-picked by Bremer and her father from fleas, estate sales, and antique dealers across the country. With these two experienced eyes at the helm, it’s no surprise that Sweet & Spark has some killer accessories in stock: think everything from funky 50s-era clip ons to 90s belt emblazoned with a lion head. Not only that, but none of these beauties will break the bank: prices average at around $30.

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Sounds pretty great, right? You’re not the only one who thinks so. In just under three years, Sweet & Spark and its lovely founder have attracted some major attention: Bloggers like Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam and the team at The Everygirl are fans, as are industry stars Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe (check out Sweet & Spark’s feature on The Zoe Report here). To top it all off, Bremer recently collaborated with Piperlime to compile a capsule collection of baubles inspired.

Olivia Palermo and Sweet & Spark founder Jillian Bremer

While its hard not admire the success of Sweet & Spark, what I love most is the overall positivity of company and its founder. Be it through her refreshing approach to style (“its about what the jewelry makes you do”), or her dedication to her business (getting up at 4 a.m. to hit up a garage sale is no joke), Bremer is without a doubt a role model for all young women, business owners or not. As a teenage girl myself, I feel lucky to grow up in a world full of so many fantastic companies with women like Jillian Bremer at the head of them. And, I mean, that great jewelry doesn’t hurt, either…

You can follow along Jillian’s “Spark Hunting” adventures and catch a glimpse behind the scenes of Sweet & Spark on Instagram @sweetnspark. Trust me, you won’t regret adding these snaps to your feed.


images credit of: The Lovely It Girl, Sweet & Spark

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