A/W 2015: Milan

This has been/is going to be one crazy week. Spring break kicks off Friday, and that means one thing: tests, tests, and more tests. So, while I will not be going completely radio silent over the next few days, you can expect to see fewer posts than usual. Rest assured, however, the second the clock strikes three on Friday I will be get down to business preparing new content for you guys. T-minus three days…

But before I dive into the worlds of electron configuration and trigonometry, I needed to take some time to share with you a few highlights from Milan Fashion Week. I’ll admit that I am seriously behind in catching up on shows…I blame my teachers ;). So let’s just say that these are three shows that caught my eye, geometry be damned:

Mommy Dearest: For their AW15 show, Dolce & Gabbana staged a tribute to all things motherhood. Not only did an expectant mother strut down the runway, but dresses were scrawled with the words “I love you mommy” or even childish doodles of flowers and pets. But what really stole the spotlight were the little bambinos who took to the catwalk…decked out in head-to-tow D&G, of course.

Gucci’s New Groove: Gucci’s AW15 collection was perhaps the buzziest yet. (Yes, even bigger then Kanye x Adidas.) After Frida Gianinni’s unceremonious ousting in late 2014, the industry had its eyes on her successor: Alessandro Michele. The former accessories designers debuted with a line-up of – shocker – seventies-inspired looks. The collection was more overtly sexual than in the past, with sheer blouses playing a key role. I, for one, was a little disappointed with Michele’s work, but am still intrigued to see where he goes next.

New Boy in Town: I last wrote about Angelos Bratis last summer, in anticipation of his Milan Fashion Week debut. Well, the designer has stolen my heart yet again with his AW15 line up. For fall, Bratis embraced his thirties-reminiscent aesthetic, creating several slinky, Jean Harlow-esque dresses that will no doubt be in regular rotation amongst the fashion crowd. Although he may still be in the “new kid” stage, I’m willing to bet on Angelos Bratis climbing his way up the MFW ladder within the next several seasons.

So there you have it: a painstakingly brief play-by-play of the my personal highlights from Milan. Even though I kept it short’n’sweet here (again…I blame my teachers), this season’s MFW was chock full of superb collections. Some of my other favorites? Prada, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, and Jil Sander, to name a few. If you want to get a look at them yourself, my favorite place to do so is style.com. Seriously, that website is the the JSTOR of fashion.

And now, with that pathetic academic database reference out of the way, I leave you to return to my thesis paper. Ciao, Milan. Bon-freaking-jour, Paris.


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