A Little Extra Inspo For Ya…


Happy Tuesday! This past weekend, I took the plunge and created a tumblr. I know, I know, I’m totally the last person on this bandwagon. I had been debating making one for a while now, but now I am so glad I did. I will always love Pinterest for keeping my ideas organized, but tumblr allows for a more organic collection of musings and inspiration. Although the page is calling ‘A Style Study’, it will function more as a personal diary of images, quotes, and maybe even a few gifs (exciting stuff, I know) that I come across and that resonate with/inspire me. So I guess you could say that A Style Study: the tumblr is A Style Study: the blog’s more spontaneous…little sister? Kissing cousin? Exact relationship aside, check it out at a-style-study.tumblr.com, and be sure to continue following along here on A Style Study: the blog for lots more fashion and lifestyle fun.

And, before I sign off: a few of my favorite images I reblogged to A Style Study: the tumblr over the weekend…


source: jamiegrimstad


source: vogueparis


source: vogueparis


source: daphneoz


source: marieclairemag


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