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Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I have…let’s call it a “healthy infatuation” with weddings. And by that I mean I have spent one too many a lazy afternoon getting lost in wedding blog after wedding blog (be sure to check out my Pinterest board, and you’ll see what I mean). So it’s no surprise that I was so, so thrilled to be contacted by the team at lover.ly, an online treasure trove of wedding planning advice, tips, and inspiration. Aside from being an amazing resource for all of you brides-to-be out there (and, lets be honest, all of us teenage girls, as well), lover.ly also has some exciting news to share: after lots of hard work, they are proud to be debuting their very own collection of pieces for bridesmaids, designed in collaboration with top Anthropologie seller Eva Franco. The collection, which makes its formal debut today, is an expertly curated selection of ensembles that combine the lover.ly penchant for being on-trend with Franco’s own vintage-infused sensibility. The result? Some seriously stunning pieces that I am proud to be offering you a peak of here on A Style Study. Read on below for some to catch a glimpse, as well as read my personal take on “Eva for Loverly”…

Before I received some of images of the Eva for Loverly collaboration, I’ll admit I was unsure of what exactly to expect. I did some background research, and was certainly intrigued to see how the team behind the collection would blend Eva Franco’s distinct flashback vibe with lover.ly’s own, more contemporary platform. Well, as you can see from the pictures included here, they pulled it off seamlessly. By sticking to classic, universally flattering silhouettes and fabrics like lace, but giving them a contemporary spin in less-expected colors, the two separate ideals were melded with a kind of elegance that only befits a wedding.

Although I genuinely loved all of the pieces I saw, there were of course a few that stuck out to me. Included on that list? The two dresses that graced the cover of the collaboration’s cookbook (see at the top of this post). The detailing on the fabric was gorgeous, and very different from a lot of bridesmaids looks you see today. The short hemline made them a little sassy and fun, but the demure necklines kept things sophisticated. Both colors, the blush pink (which, by the way, is major for Spring 2015) and the spunky blue, were also, again, unique enough to be head-turning, yet safe enough so that the bride won’t go regretting her choice fifteen to twenty years down the line.

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The colors in the Eva for Loverly line may be to die (or rather…marry) for, but my absolute favorite pieces would have had to be the most “neutral” of the selection. Thinking truly outside the cookie-cutter box of bridal, the team behind the collaboration included two stellar jumpsuits in the collection. The two ensembles, both done in blissful shades of white, certainly stood out amongst the frocks, but only in the very best way possible. They are both so simple and easy in their design, but so well constructed and styled that they are impossible not to notice. And, with the look of these pieces, it would not surprise me if we saw jumpsuits becoming more and more popular amongst the bridal set. I never would have thought of it myself, but after seeing the looks from Eva for Loverly, I cannot help but think how utterly chic it would be to see bridesmaids walking down the aisle wearing jumpsuits as opposed to the traditional frock.

But, then again, with the pieces from Eva for Loverly (see them all here!), you could really go either way. No matter what you choose, it is sure to be one fashionable-looking bridal party.

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Eager for more Eva for Loverly? Head directly to lover.ly’s bridesmaid page to see more for yourself!


Special thanks to lover.ly for the opportunity to work on this post.

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