What to Wear There: Valentine’s Day

Got a hot date this Valentine’s Day? This year, I challenge you skip that red cocktail dress and opt instead for something equally romantic and ten times as chic. What could it possibly be? Well, my friends, it’s time to pull out that tried-and-true favorite, the little black dress.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: ‘Black? On Valentine’s Day?! But isn’t red, like, the official color of February 14th?’. Trust me, I thought that, too. That is, until I heard from Dailylook, asking me to style my ideal Valentine’s Day date outfit using an LBD from their über-chic selection. It was after receiving this message and doing a little thinking that I realized: the little black dress is actually the perfect choice for February 14th. Why? Look at it this way: Valentine’s is a day when you want to feel beautiful and elegant, but with a healthy sprinkle of sexy. The right little black dress can give you all these things, not to mention an added bonus: With everyone in shades of red, you rocking your LBD à la Audrey Hepburn will most certainly stand out in the very best way possible.

So, are you feeling the LBD for V-day yet? See how I styled my ideal Valentine’s Day ensemble from Dailylook below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.30.15 PMIt took my a while to narrow down which little black dress I wanted to style, as Dailylook is home to a plethora of beautiful interpretations of this classic staple (shop them all here!). I eventually decided upon this dress, a simple-but-sexy little number with sculptural detailing and on the bodice and a playful slit at the leg. I really appreciated the subtle detailing on the piece, and decided I wanted to let those elements take center stage. In doing so, I chose a pair of heels with straps that mimicked the direction of the folds on to bodice of the dress. Likewise, I accessorized with a set of earrings with enough sparkle to look dazzling when the light catches them, but are still delicate enough as to not upstage the LBD. To top everything off, this evening shoulder bag (because a girl needs to store her lipstick in style) has the perfect streamlined construction complete the look.

So, thoughts? Are you thinking about embracing the idea of eschewing the red in favor of a chic, sexy little black dress? I for one am totally for it: looks like the one I styled above are the perfect way to exude sophistication while still turning more than a few heads. Who knows? I might just have to shimmy into this outfit while cozying up on the couch and watching rom-coms.

What? The LBD is a classic, after all…


Special thanks to the team at Dailylook for the opportunity to style this ensemble.

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