Not Your English Teacher’s Protagonist

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 7.15.03 PM

If you were to ask me to choose between summer and winter, I have to say I would probably choose winter, for there are few things I love more than cozy sweaters and a picturesque temperature. That said, however, the frosty temps that have been hammering my area for the past few weeks are starting to get to me a bit. To keep myself sartorially motivated, I’ve been setting my sites on curating the perfect spring/summer wardrobe. And who should come along to aide me in my search for warm weather inspiration? Protagonist, with their impossibly chic spring collection.

Established in 2013 by designer Kate Wendleborn, Protagonist has thus far remanned one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. With a minimal aesthetic and practical color palette, the label aims to create standout pieces by paying close attention to the three Fs: form, fit, and fabrication. In what was so rightly described as a “unique balance of restraint and distinction”, the team behind Protagonist manages with each collection to introduce new staples to the female wardrobe. This is especially true for that of the Spring 2015 line, which was ripe with must-have pieces, including a pale oyster-colored trench and a sculptural white crop top. Other notable pieces include a ribbed navy dress and an abundance a breezy, yet structured white elements that will no doubt look right at home in your spring closet.

Shop the latest from Protagonist here


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