Public School SS15: Well Calculated


In honor of my geometry test on Wednesday (cue the tears), I thought it might be appropriate to dedicate today’s post to Public School’s newly-released Spring/Summer 2015 ad campaign. Aside from stilled images, the CFDA Award-winning brand opted for a film to help showcase both their mens’ and womenswear for the new season. The 35-second clip, which stars models Amanda Murphy and Harry Curran, was originally inspired by David Bowie (who, oddly enough, also served as inspiration for Dior’s most recent couture collection). The singer’s music can be heard in the background of the film, during which we watch the two stunners attempt to work their way through what looks like a complex calculus problem. Now, this is the part that really resonated with me: neither of them can figure it out, their scribbles becoming more and more illegible. Eventually, the screen goes black.


Yeah, sounds like me in math class. Now if only I looked that chic…

To check the Public School film clip out for yourself, look no further than


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