Young Gun: Franey Miller

One of my favorite things about the world of fashion is that there is always someone (or something!) new. It seems as if every season there is a promising young designer, getting their turn in the spotlight following years of hard work. Following these newcomers is something I relish in, however it was only recently that I came to embrace not only up-and-coming designers, but other young creatives as well. What – rather, who – was it that opened my eyes? Read below to find out.

I stumbled upon 19-year-old photographer Franey Miller just last week, while reading her recent interview on With a refreshingly real point of view on both the cutthroat world of fashion photography and just life in general, I was instantly intrigued.

Having opted out of college in favor of pursuing her career, Miller is fast on her way to becoming an industry favorite. With a penchant for capturing models sans makeup (a rarity in today’s Photoshop world), and a desire to preserve the awkwardness that comes with adolescence, she has a knack for producing stunningly raw photographs that are as mind-provoking as they are eye-pleasing

Reputable publications such as Oyster, Bullett, and Nylon have already caught on to the photography tour de force that is Franny Miller. And with her undeniable talent and obvious determination to succeed in this industry, it’s only a matter of time before others do, too. All I can say is watch out, world: what we have here is a girl on the rise.

Are you as hooked as I am? Be sure to keep up with Franey on Instagram (@franeymiller), Tumblr (, as well as her website,, for peeks at her latest projects. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did it.


All pictures courtesy of   

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