Workspace Chic


Well, friends, here we are again: it’s Friday. *cue the happy dance* I know we are looking forward to a couple days of much-needed R&R (is it just me, or are “short” weeks always the longest?), but before we embark on our weekends, I wanted to take some time to share what – style-wise, at least – has been on my mind lately…

I just recently got a new desk in my room, but have yet to really “style” it. Although I don’t plan any major upgrades, I would like to get a few eye-catching elements together to make the space a little prettier. After all, I do spend the bulk of my time there! In search of some inspiration, I’ve been trolling Pinterest over the past few days, checking out workspaces galore. These five are the ones that have stayed with me the most:

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one // two // three // four // five

As you can probably guess from the above, I’m really feeling the idea of using artwork, fun pillows, and cheery accents to brighten up a desk area. With these great reference points, I am excited to figure out how to incorporate all of these ideas into my own space!

See you on Monday…



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