Currently Coveting: The Perfect Bun

I was looking back at my recent posts last night, and I realized that rarely, if ever, do I talk about beauty. Now, there is a good reason for that: it simply is not my area of expertise. While I may be decent at styling my hair (let me know if you want me to share any DIY blow-out tips in the future!), and it’s safe to say that I can apply my own makeup, playing around with different products and styles has simply never been one of my “things”.

All that said, my lack of beauty knowledge has not stopped me from creating a substantial ‘beauty’ board on Pinterest. If you were to go through it right now, you would be hard pressed not to notice my favorite beauty look of the moment: buns.

I mean, really, how perfect are these looks? I’m typically more of a ponytail girl, but these photos may just have me changing it up.

Look at that…maybe I am a beauty person after all. 😉


4 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: The Perfect Bun

  1. Have you considerd the doughnut hair accessory? You can get it from many shops and its so easy to apply and makes it look so professional! You can also make it messy by pulling bits out? Xxx


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