Wanderlust // No. 1


Confession time: I hit a bit of a wall this weekend. I’ve been so, so overwhelmed, feeling just utterly bogged down by the countless hours spent reading about things like Italian unification and trapezoid mid-segments. The eat, sleep, study, repeat routine that I seem to have fallen into lately is getting really old, really fast.

So while I attempt to fight through this rut I’m in right now, I cannot help but crave a little change of scenery. Just where am I dying to run off to at the moment? Marrakech, Morocco. 

Yep, this exploring colorful, mysterious city of Talitha Getty fame seems like the perfect pick-me-up right about now. Some place at the top of Marrakech bucket list? Djem L’Fna, Hakima’s Moroccan Cooking School, the Medina, Bahia Palace, and Les Bains de Marrakech.

Which dreamy destination is at the top of your list?


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