What I Read This Week // No. 2


Happy Friday everyone! Who else is excited about the long weekend ahead? I know I am. Even though I will unfortunately be spending most of my time with my head in a textbook, I certainly plan to take advantage of the extra day off in order to relax, catch up on the February issues of my favorite magazines, and maybe whip up a new recipe or two!

On that note, I thought it might be nice to close out the week with a couple links that have managed to catch my eye. Enjoy!

Heading somewhere warm this weekend? Check out this beach blanket workout to get you toning as well as tanning.

Craving some new fashion in your life (aren’t we always?)? Head to The Glitter Guide’s round-up of the coolest international brands to give your closet some oomph.

Celebrate an important moment in women’s history by reading this fascinating article on the suffrage debate of 1915 (100 years ago this week!).

Even though I am still catching up on Serial (I know…so behind), I know I was certainly intrigued by this list of some new podcasts that look just as thrilling.

I have already taken note of some of the methods found here about scientifically proven methods to combat stress.


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