Tips for Bouncing Back After the Holidays



Of all the stresses caused by the holidays, perhaps the most panic-inducing of all is the idea of bouncing back afterwards. I mean, we all know that feeling: that all-too-familiar sense of dread that comes along with having to somehow go back to our otherwise healthy eating habits after one too many days of indulging. Those few days following the first of the year are certainly an uphill climb, diet-wise, but you do get through it. How? Well, here are just a few tips that have been helping me lately:

Stock Up. This past New Years’ Eve (read: literally three days ago), my mom and I went to the grocery store and stocked up on all of the “healthy essentials”. We’re talking fruits, veggies, sources of protein like chicken, and some of our favorite nutritious snacks. Let me tell you that having everything at my finger tips has made getting back into the swing of things a lot easier. Even though it is hard to keep your fridge fully stocked at all times of the year, I highly recommend doing so as you regain your bearings.

…And Clear Out. This one might not apply to everyone, but if you know that you are easily tempted by leftover junk food (like *cough* yours truly *cough*), it might be best for you not to keep cookies, soda, chips, etc. in the house right about now. If you still want to keep the stuff around for the occasional treat, by all means do so! Just make sure it is off the counter and tucked away safely in a drawer. The last thing we want is for those chocolate chip cookies to staring you in the face while you are dutifully sipping your green smoothie.

Keep It Interesting. Have you had a delicious-sounding salad recipe saved for the past few weeks? Now is the time to try it out. To keep yourself from getting bored as you transition back into your normal eating habits, make it a point to experiment with new recipes. Go ahead and create your own if your bold, but if you are like me and prefer a recipe, there are luckily tons of amazing sources out there. Some of my personal favorites include goop, Free People’s BLDG 25, The New Potato, and!

Eat! Having three square meals a day, along with a snack or two in between, is essential for maintaining a healthy diet. You need to make sure you are eating enough so that you do not get too hungry too quickly, therefore preventing mindless overeating later on. Take advantage of mealtimes and stock up on essential nutrients and protein, as well as healthy carbs. Some of my favorite meal combos include a hearty piece of grilled chicken, fish, or a veggie burger along with a salad and/or veggies and piece of fruit, typically an apple. Combinations like this are great, because they are endlessly customizable and delicious as well as good for you!

I hope that these tips help you in the next few days as much as they have helped me! Tell me: do you have any tips of your own? Feel free to share below-I’d love to hear!


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