What I’m Looking Forward To In 2015

Happy 2015, everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve. I kept mine pretty low-key (think: pajamas rather than sequins), but it was lovely nonetheless.

As cliché as it sounds, this year I am actually pretty excited about the 365 days ahead. When I look back on 2014, I am almost shocked at how much I have grown as a person and cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store! Below, five specific things that have me especially enthused about the coming months:

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 11.56.00 PM

::one:: Summer 2015 I am not normally that person counting down until the last day of school, but this year the prospect of summer has me seriously excited. It is probably just because of the crazy amount of work I have had so far, but I am also working on getting some fun things planned. Either way, I intend on making the most of my three months off!

::two:: Committing to Exercise Although I am generally pretty good at making healthy eating choices, I have always struggled with committing to consistent exercise. Over the next few months I am on a mission to change that, and will be making a promise to myself to get at least four days of exercise in a week, be it playing tennis or doing a pilates of yoga video or going for a jog. Instead of looking at working out as physical torture, I am going to try and regard it as a kind of investment in myself. How does that sound?

::three:: Growing A Style Study How could I not include A Style Study on here?! I have had an incredible 6 months (!) blogging, and am eager to see what new ideas and opportunities 2015 has in store.

::four:: The Rest of Sophomore (and the beginning of Junior!) Year I know, I know, I literally just said I was looking forward to not having school, but I can’t lie and say that I am not excited to tackle the rest of the academic year. I have been working really, really hard so far, and hope that, in the end, my efforts pay off!

::five:: Getting Out of My Comfort Zone I have always been a creature of habit (I am a Cancer, after all), and breaking out of my own little niche is not the easiest thing for me. This year I plan to change that, and challenge myself to take advantage of every opportunity to leave my anxieties behind and try something totally new. Should make for some interesting adventures…

What has you guys excited in the New Year? I’d love to know! Oh, and before I sign off, be sure to get your twenty second plank in today for the A Style Study New Years’ Plank Challenge! You’ll thank me later 😉


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