Rihanna x Puma: The Ultimate Collaboration


In a world that is perhaps over-saturated with celebrity culture, it seems as if new collaborations between fashion brands and of-the-moment stars are begin announced practically on the daily. It seems as if anyone who has ever made a movie or released a single on iTunes now has an entrée into the world of designing clothes and lifestyle products. Once in a while, however, news of what is bound to be not only a major marketing deal but a genuine creative partnership hits the stands (or should I say shelves?) , and the fashionistas of the world rejoice. Well, the style mavens of the world certainly had their holiday prayers answered last Tuesday, when the story broke that Rihanna had been hired as the women’s creative director at Puma.

The Grammy winner and CFDA Award recipient, who previously collaborated with River Island and MAC Cosmetics, will officially begin her new job in January. Her responsibilities will include overseeing apparel and well as shoes and accessories. When interviewed at the activewear giant’s German headquarters last week, Rihanna herself said that hopes to “modernize” and give some “youthfulness” to the brand, as well as inject it with a healthy shot of her own taste. The singer also commented that she was excited by the “creative freedom” her new role would allow her.

These are all things that the team at a currently stagnant Puma need to hear. The company, although still one of the premiere sneaker produces in the world, has fallen prey to the global reach of competitors Nike and Adidas. By signing on with Rihanna, who is perhaps one of today’s most widely followed (38.3 million Twitter followers and counting) stars, Puma has already succeeded in drawing itself out of the shadows and onto the ever-growing “brands to watch” list. Not only that, but the sultry Barbados native has some serious style chops. Renowned for her independent and sometimes shocking approach to dressing, Rihanna has long been a favorite of the fashion crowd. Just this past spring her status were cemented when Anna Wintour herself presented her with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award. Oh, and Rihanna accepted her award wearing a completely sheer, crystal-embellished dress. Certainly, if there is anyone who can give Puma a dose of serious fashion, Rihanna is the girl to do it.

I myself am eager to see what Rihanna comes up with in terms of Puma’s womenswear. Although her style is not entirely – ahem – my taste, even I cannot deny her innate style (check out my favorite of her recent looks below) and incredible international profile. I also admire the fact that, even though there are probably plenty of healthy brands that would give anything to have a global fashion phenom on their design team, she elected instead to accept an offer from Puma, a company that has seen some tough times and will need her help to reinvent it’s image. It is this choice that convinces me of Rihanna’s sincerity and dedication to her new position, and is what makes me all the more intrigued to see what she will produce.

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What do you think of Rihanna signing on with Puma? Are you all for it, or would you prefer her stick to singing? Be sure to sound off below!


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