Fashionable Reads: I (Heart) Your Style


I was scrolling through my blog’s archive a few days ago (a very scary place…), when I noticed I had not written a ‘Fashionable Reads’ post in a while. It was perfect timing, really, because I had just finished re-reading one of my favorite “fashion books” of all time, I (Heart) Your Style by Amanda Brooks, I was not wanting for good things to say about it.

I first received I (Heart) Your Style for Christmas last year, and spent a majority of the next few days engrossed in it’s pages. The book itself is presented a bit like a fashion self-help book, promising to help you discover and refine your personal style. What it actually is is  a fascinating look at the many definable “looks” and how to achieve them and make them your own. Not only that, but each chapter dedicated to one of these looks – Classic, Minimalist, High Fashion, Street, etc. – includes pages dedicated to the icons and “New Originals” who serve as the bet examples of how to successfully pull of a specific style. In reading I (Heart) Your Style, you receive quite the fashion education, as well, as author Amanda Brooks (the one-time fashion director of Barney’s New York) gives an inside look at the initial roots of each of these looks and how they have developed over time. The fashion maven also provides shopping guides that will have you hitting up that formidable vintage shop with confidence!


So, did I in fact “define and refine” my personal style after reading (and re-reading)  this book? Well, no, rather the opposite. Before reading this book, I had considered myself a stricty classic, vaguely preppy, dresser. But after absorbing all the I (Heart) Your Style, I discovered that I love all styles. I adore the idea of being able to experiment and play around with my look. I could wake up one morning and be the preppiest prepster at school in a corduroy blazer, and then the next day be decidedly funkier in an all-black ensemble. That’s the beauty of fashion: there are no rules!


I hope this little review encourages you to pick up I (Heart) Your Style for yourselves. Even if fashion is not your main interest, it is definitely worth the read! And if you are a fashionista, you will love all the knowledge and advice Amanda Brooks has to dispense. Happy reading!


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