Bringing Home the…Amal?


Ah, to have a bag named after you. Although the idea may seem frivolous, historically it has been an honor bestowed only upon the iconic of, well, icons (think: Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin). As of this week, another woman has joined the precious few to have achieved status warranting such distinction. Who is she, you might ask? A famous actress or singer, perhaps? No. Hmm…maybe a certain reality-star-turned-fashionista? Nope, not quite.

No, the honor went to none other than Amal Alamuddin – that is, the new Mrs. George Clooney. As reported on Monday by WhoWhatWear, the Italian label Ballin has just debuted a sleek brown leather tote called ‘Amal’ in her honor (see above). At first, I myself was a little puzzled by the announcement, but then I came to realize that not only did it make sense, but that it was a pretty darn good thing.

Think about this way: When the then-Ms. Alamuddin announced her engagement to Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor this past summer, she shot to fashion superstardom virtually overnight. Suddenly, everyone was clamoring to dress Amal. I mean, in her wedding weekend alone she donned ensembles by Alexander McQueen, Giambattista Valli, and Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few. Not to mention the fact that she blew everyone away in her stunning custom-made Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. I mean…that skirt

Glamour girl for a weekend...
Glamour girl for a weekend…

But, pretty clothes aside, I believe that Amal Alamuddin has the makings of a true fashion icon. Why? For one, she is perhaps the most well-educated It-girl out there, with multiple degrees under her belt, including one from Oxford University. Aside from that, despite the fact that she is now married to one of the most successful actors in the business, she has kept her day job as a high-powered human rights lawyer in London. So while her husband jets off to one glamorous premiere after another promoting his latest projects, you won’t be seeing her along for the ride, fluttering her eyelashes at the camera. Instead, you’re are more likely to see paparazzi shots of her going to and from the office, briefcase in hand. This is an original quality that we don’t see in many “icons” today. Instead of playing the celebrity card, Amal happens to be hard-working and independently successful, with enviable class and style. Wouldn’t you rather be carrying a tote representing that lifestyle, rather than that of yet another celebutante? I know I would.

...Corporate powerhouse all the time
…Corporate powerhouse all the time

As you can probably tell, I am totally convinced that Amal Alamuddin is the perfect woman to name a bag after. But what about you? Are you in agreement , or is there someone else you think deserves the honor more? Be sure to let me know, whatever it is you think!

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