Gift Guide: Personalities Decoded

Now that the holidays are upon us, it seems as if everyone is in gifting mode. And while presenting a great gift can be one of the best feelings (it’s true what they say about giving trumping receiving…really!), finding the perfect little something for all of your friends can be a serious undertaking. That being said, the fact that all of your girlfriends most likely have very distinct personalities only makes it more difficult! With that in mind, I’ve compiled a little gift guide (my first!) complete with sic stocking stuffers that are sure to please each and every single one of your besties, from the beauty lover to the music maven.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.42.06 PM

1: The Techie. We’ve all got that friend who has her gadgets by her side 24/7. Give her favorite toy a little sprucing this holiday season with a chic new phone case, like this one from J.Crew!

2: The Fashionista. Even the most stylish of the bunch needs a little accessories update once and a while, so why not give her a funky bracelet or two? This one from BaubleBar is especially versatile…perfect for mixing and matching!

3: The Makeup Maven. Although it probably seems like your beauty-minded bestie has nail polishes coming out of her ears, it’s unlikely she has anything from the new holiday collections, which are only just being debuted. This juicy update on classic red from Essie is especially party-ready!

4: The Social Media Addict. For the girl who practically speaks in hashtags, a funny social media-themed prezzie will be just the ticket. I especially love the idea of this book, which includes run-down the 140 funniest Twitter accounts.

5: The Head Bopper. For the friend who can’t live without her tunes, treat her to a fun new pair of headphones, like these adorable ‘Happy Plugs’.

6: The Décor Darling. For the girlfriend with home items coming out of her ears, ditch the idea of another serving tray or embroidered dish towel. Instead, try buying her a new ornament for her to put on her tree. This paper bird from Bloomingdales is super-cute, but you could sim for something more personal by choosing something related to a special memory the two of you share. It’s something she”l have for years to come, and she will be sure to think of you every time she hangs it up.

I hope this provided some inspiration for you when it comes time to buy gifts for your girls! Be sure to comment to let me know what you end up buying.


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