It’s the Coat That Counts: Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2015

As much as fashion is said to be grounded in the idea of innovation, I myself happen to love it when designers recycle a recent trend and give it a little makeover. To me, there is nothing that speaks more to the creative talent of a designer than how well they can make the “old” (read: last season) look new. Christopher Bailey did just that with Burberry Prorsum’s most recent Pre-Fall collection, which debuted just last week. For the collection, Bailey and his team harkened back to one the major trends of the Fall/Winter 2014 runways: the statement coat. Although an eye-catching piece of outerwear never really goes out of style, it was especially prominent this past winter, being paraded down the runways of every house from Marni to Sacai to Céline and back again. One might argue that it would be unwise for a designer to look again towards this look, that the concept had been thoroughly exhausted and needed a few seasons off. Well, Christopher Bailey took that risk, and boy, did it pay off.

Like I said, there were lots and lots of coats in this collection. One thing that I find fun about the “pre” collections is that they are a little preview into what the designer is thinking about for the full season line-up. That being said, the “pre” looks tend to be less centered around one general idea, and are more of a mishmash of a few different ones. This was certainly evident in the coats of Burberry Prorsum’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection, as there was no lacking for variety. The creatives at the iconic house toyed with retro influences with a few leopard-spotted outwear pieces, but also experimented with a vaguely Native American/tribal concept, and a even more urban look with cropped leather jackets. The classics were of course included, with a suede take on the Burberry trench and an ivory wool-and-shearling number keeping things sophisticated. Bailey also appears to be maintaining his own trademark from last season: the silk scarf, as they too were shown looped around a fluffy neckline or two.

All in all, I adored Burberry’s Pre-Fall 2015 offering. I love how it included major trends and details from last season, only to show them manipulated in such a way that at a first glance they are unrecognizable. I think this pre collection really serves as an appropriate example of just how talented the team at Burberry is, and that the British house had definitely got more to it than just a trench.

Be sure to click through this slideshow to catch a glimpse of my favorite looks from Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2015! And be sure to let me know: which are your favorites?

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