Sweater Weather

Growing up in the tri-state area, I’ve seen my fair share of cold winters. But, not matter how low the temperatures may have dropped in years past, the onset of chilly weather always seems to catch me by surprise. This week has been especially frigid, with the temps hitting a near-record low in my area. So, what’s a girl to do to stay stylish and warm? Well, my friends, just add a thick sweater.

I’ve loved sweaters since I was little. In fact, from age twelve until around the time I turned fourteen, I rarely left home without one! So it comes to no surprise that one of the many things I love about winter is that it gives me a chance to embrace some of my favorite wardrobe items. And although, unfortunately, I did not get to shoot an outfit this week, I thought I might as well share with you a few stellar outfits I’ve come across, all of which are centered around the sweater. I hope these inspire you as much as they did me!


Camel + white = perennial chic



OP, of course, rocks a chunky sweater like no other



Who doesn’t need a little leather in their life?

I hope you all have an amazing Thursday! Friday’s just around the corner…


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