Why Manuka Honey is the Greatest Thing Since Kale


We’ve all heard of “super foods”. Kale, walnuts, pumpkin, blueberries…this list goes on. And while I happen to love both the taste and the benefits of the above, lately, I’ve had what is possibly the super-est of all super food son my mind. Only, I’m not sure you could call it a food. So, just for now, let’s go with the term “super condiment”.

I’m talking about manuka honey, the rich, dark-colored substance originating from nectar off of New Zealand’s manuka trees. What is it that makes this unassuming honey so great? Well, how many items in your kitchen have the ability to kill most bacterias? Or heal an open wound? Or even just soothe that persistent sore throat of yours? Manuka honey can do all that and more.

Although honeys of all kinds have been used since ancient time as a healing agent, very few of them posses the unique powers of manuka honey. Manuka is especially rich in many antibacterial components, including hydrogen peroxide. Because of this, it can be used as a topical treatment for minor burns and lacerations. Not only that, but it’s luscious flavoring makes it ideal for speeding on top of your toast, blending into you smoothie, or even stirring into you oatmeal. Doing so will help promote healthy skin, as well as quelling your digestive tract.

With so many benefits, it’s a wonder why more people don’t embrace manuka honey! I started adding it to my breakfasts here and there, and within a few days noticed the “healing” methods it seems to work throughout you body. Now that we’re headed into the winter months, I’ll definitely be upping my intake of this gem. No time for getting sick with the holidays right around the corner!

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2 thoughts on “Why Manuka Honey is the Greatest Thing Since Kale

    1. Yes, it is very good for you! What I like to do is add a small spoonful into my smoothies, or even mix it into my oatmeal. I’ve also heard of people drizzling it over toast!


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