Made My Week #6

One of the most incredible things about this time of year is how quickly things can change. This time last week, the temperatures were still hovering in the forties to mid-fifties, and the branches were still thick with jewel-toned leaves. Um, this week? It’s loping more and more like winter every day! The skies have been bleak and blustery, and there has been constant chill in the air. Despite the fact that I long for cosy winter days during the summer, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the warmer weather that once was!


::one:: Overnight oats was not the only new recipe being whipped up in our kitchen! This week I also tried my hand at chocolate chia seed pudding. Well, I won’t get into the specifics, but let’s just say I was less than satisfied with the results. Despite the fact that I didn’t get enjoy the treat, I still loved the fact that I got to try out a new meal and it served (literally…ha!) as a much-needed reminder that not everything you make will turn out perfectly.


::two:: Here’s a heads up: if you want to make my day, present me with a new magazine. Seriously, though, coming home a new editorial is perhaps one of my favorite things, like, ever. This week I was doubly lucky, as I received the December issues of both Glamour and InStyle! Weekend plans? I think yes.


::three:: I got deep into planning mode this past weekend, helping my mom prepare for our Thanksgiving feast. We’ve got an entire menu of fun food planned, and I can’t wait to get cooking!

What are your holiday plans? Do you have any fun traditions that are especially close to your heart?

Happy weekend…


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