Winterize It


Have you ever had the perfect outfit picked out, only to wake up and find that the weather has completely wrecked your plan? Yeah, that seems to happen to me more often than I’d like to admit. Take this weekend, for example: On Saturday, I was all set to spend the day in Manhattan. I had a few interchangeable ensembles laid out, but decided to leave the final decision until the morning of. Thank goodness I didn’t go so far as to make a concrete plan, as I opened my eyes that day to chilly temperatures that rendered all of my ideas illogical. In my rush to get my self out the door, I decided to simply pull a few out my favorite fall pieces out and “winterize” them. I took a marled top that I knew was pretty but not exactly warm and tossed a fitted turtleneck on underneath to keep myself from freezing, and slipped on thick leggings to keep my legs equally cozy. As for outerwear, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to lug a winter coat around the city streets, so I opted instead for a trench cape, and proceeded to loop a thick scarf around my neck for some extra layering.


In the end, it turned out looking much better than I thought it would! I liked how the contrasting layers played off of each other to create a perfectly transitional ensemble. I also especially loved the fact that my on-the-fly outfit kept me warm all day long. It just goes to show, you really don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion!

Well, at least, not all the time…

C. Wonder cape// Madewell scarf (available in a different color here)// Madewell marled shirt// J.Crew Factory ‘Gigi’ Pants// Sam Edleman ‘Jardin’ Botties


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