Have you ever felt that if you lived in another town, went to a different school, maybe did different activities, that you would dress differently? I know this is certainly true for me. I got thinking about this a while ago, and was surprised to find that the details of my life have impacted my style in more ways than I expected.


In my case, where I got to school has had a pretty major influence on my wardrobe. Since the seventh grade, I have attended a school that takes the idea of “preppy” very literally. As the years have flown by, this crisp, collegiate sense of style has managed to worm its way into my own closet. Case point: the outfit you see here. I decided to put a scholarly twist on a favorite skirt by pairing it with a chambray button-down layered underneath a soft grey peplum top. To give the ensemble something extra, I threw on my beloved J.Crew barn jacket that I literally wear anytime, anywhere. Slip into some loafers, and I’ve got myself looking pretty darn “preppy” walking out the door ;).

But, seriously though. I love the fact that my past and daily life both leave little traces of themselves on my wardrobe. It’s like I’m wearing my DNA on the outside of my body, expressed in a way that I am comfortable sharing with everyone. Now, every time I notice what someone else is wearing, I try to imagine what it is that made them dress that way. Is the leather jacket something their dad turned them on to? Is the floral print a subconscious tribute to a childhood garden? The options, the stories are endless.

DSC_0280 2

Think about it: what details of your life can be found in how you dress? Ithink you’ll be surprised what you discover…

Ace Delivery Stripe Tube Skirt via Nordstrom//Madewell Chambray shirt (old, this season’s style here)//Madewell peplum (old)//J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket


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